About Us

We are a group of enrolled Native American and First Nations people who provide a cultural, social, educational, professional, and historical consultancy service in the United Kingdom.  Our aim is to empower North American Indigenous people who are living, working in, or visiting Britain and to provide a community of support and advocacy.  Our goal is to ensure that proper representation of Native peoples is done respectfully and in consultation with us as the experts of our own stories and depictions.



A Note on Terminology

The labels and terms used to describe American Indians is constantly changing over the years.  The terms often used today include: American Indian, Native American, Indigenous, First Peoples, Aboriginal, and First Nations.  Typically, First Nations is used to describe the Indigenous population of Canada.  It is also important to include Alaska Natives, Metis, Inuit, and Native Hawaiians.  On the website, we will use these terms interchangeably and wish to show honour and respect for the terminology that specific tribes and people may use to describe themselves.  






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